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You have Crabs

My son and I were having a rather  detailed discussion the other day about heads and growing up.

Apparently my head is short, his is long (We were laying down in bed and he was higher up than me, so this meant his head was longer), but he informed me that it would be ok, because as I grew into a ‘baby’ my head would get longer.

He’s 5 years old.

I asked him about growing up and what he meant and he informed me that when me and daddy grow up, we will turn into babies, and he knows this because his grandparents told him when they were toddlers.

I wanted to know if I was in safe hands with him for when I became a child/baby and he said I would be safe and he would look after me.
He said ‘Of course I will look after you, you will be in my tummy’.
Duh, how silly of me to ask you ūüėČ lol
He added ‘You’ll be safe in my tummy because the crabs put you in there’
Excuse me?

My son comes out with the weirdest things lol.  I must remember to blog these down every time they happen!


Liebster Blog Award :)

Another award ūüôā

I was nicely nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.  I did a google German to English translater and it means the following:

n. sweetheart, beloved person, darling
adj. dear, darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving
adj. favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others

These are the rules for nominating this award to others:

  • Firstly, thank the person who nominated you ūüôā
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers – but they must have 200 or less followers. (Would be good to put a link on for all of your chosen ones so we can all have a little read ūüôā )
  • Let every blogger know that you’ve nominated them for the award either on their blog or on twitter – if they have an account.
  • Display the Liebster Blog Award Logo (above)

So a HUGE thank you to Bluebirdsunshine whose blog I absolutely love to read.  A piece from her blog:

“I‚Äôm Blue. I’m a 30-something woman flying through life with my man, Bird. I have two little monkeys: Sun has just turned 3 and I have a little baby, Shine. I can’t promise to be cool, funny or even interesting but I can be honest.”

I’ve absolutely no idea how to check if someone has less than 200 followers lol, so I hope the 5 I’ve nominated are ok ūüôā

  1. Sh*t My 6-Year-Old Says¬† I’ve nominated this person before for something else, but I always end up chuckling to myself when reading about her and her son Jack ūüôā
  2. The Middle Sister
  3. Detrimentally Disgruntled
  4. Here Now Not Foreva This blog has only been around since October and I have only just found it
  5. Looking Out The Window

Well done everyone ūüôā

Pain in the butt

This is just a moan!

I’m in pain with everything – ok, an¬†exaggeration¬†but it feels like it lol.

First, my tooth! ¬†It’s killing me! ¬†I went to the dentist quite a few weeks back and told her about it and she couldn’t see anything. ¬†She said perhaps I cut the gum while flossing or something, that is a good reason, but I’m still in pain. ¬†I’ve noticed that it is up on the tooth but slightly under the gum, it’s also still a baby tooth and isn’t as firmly put as my adult teeth, so I’m wondering if it’s trying to come out. ¬†It’s my pre-molar (trying to think back when I was doing science, I THINK it’s called a pre-molar lol – the one next to the ‘Fang’ lol).

I’ve also started getting pain near my ovary. ¬†I know it’s my ovary because about 10 years ago I had the exact pain but on the right hand side and have a super large cyst removed.
Anyway, when I’m due on it hurts like fook! ¬†It started up one month after I came off of the Implant in May time but it wasn’t as bad as it is at the moment. ¬†I’ll be doing something and will have to stop as sheer pain stabs me. ¬†I thought at the moment it was only if I moved every so often, but as I write this and I’m sat still it just happened again.

Anyway I’ve made and appointment for the doctor this morning for it.

I don’t want another operation but if I’m right then I will need one. ¬†It also means time off work for my husband so that’s not good as he’s only been there a few months and never had a day off.

To top it all off, I’ve had the same damn headache for about 3 days now! Grrr not to pleased!

Casino Virgin

Myself, Husband and our friend (S) decided to do something different on a night out.

Instead of going out drinking around town etc (In our mid 20’s and we’re feeling too old lol) we thought we’d go to a Casino!

WOW!  It was so much fun!  Never done it before and it was weird trying to get into it, not sure on how to get chips etc but we managed it in the end.

We all agreed that we would ONLY put in £20 each and all the winnings were to be put aside and split at the end of the night.

We did Blackjack (21) first and I had most of the luck on that one and it was great ūüôā ¬†‘S’ had most of the luck on Roulette and my husband sadly wasn’t very good at this and gained a little but not much. ¬†He was getting a bit too keen about it all to be honest and when he’d used up his ¬£20 and me and ‘S’ still had ¬£10 left, he wanted to put more in…..tut tut tut, I’d better keep an eye on him I think lol.

During the Roulette ‘S’ had a ¬£5 chip in her hand and she kept saying I’m going to put it on Block/Set 3 which meant she would double what she had if she won. ¬†She didn’t do it and it came through. ¬†Then she said she was going to put it on a certain number, which means if she did then she would win back 8x that amount (¬£40), she didn’t and it came through, she was gutted!
My husband then started saying to her ’27’, 27 came through and they were both regretting not putting anymore one. ¬†He said 27 again and no one put anything on, 27 came through again! ¬†Never mind lol.

It’s amusing to watch other people putting money down though! ¬†People were walking up and throwing ¬£100 down on 1 number, loosing and then walking off to the next table to repeat – CRAZY!!

Would definitely do that again but not all the time, just special occasions

So, with a total of ¬£60 spent, we made in total ¬£112 so a win/profit of ¬£52 ūüôā ¬†Basically we had a free night out ūüôā

The way they move their hands too! ¬†To get the chips out and dish them across tables etc. ¬†If it was me I’d be stood there counting each one slowly lol, they rush apart and do it by height of chips, they’re hardly counting each chip to make sure they’re not above or below the required amount!

And with Blackjack – I would be there for ages using my fingers to count every time a new card comes out.

Birthday vs Strike

As I said, a friend of ours (S) came up to stay for a few days.  We had a really good time Рlike we normally do.

It was my sons birthday so we spent the day driving around trying to find something.  Of course it was Strike Day in the UK (30/11/2011) and we went to a train museum (Kirklees Light Railway) and it was closed, gutted!  Although my son was happy and despite what we did later on in the day, this was his best bit, to see some of the trains outside.  If it was open then we could have travelled on a steam train for 50 minutes and he would have LOVED that so so much.

We started to drive back home and we saw a sign for a coal mining museum so we headed out of our way towards that.  Got there and that was closed too!

I didn’t think so many places would be closed because of the strike (over pensions). ¬†I support the strike¬†completely! ¬†My college tutor is part time and she’s looking at having ¬£14,500 taken from her pension – it’s not fair.

After driving around for most of the day and finding most things closed, we went to a¬†children’s¬†play-gym¬†and they had fun there.

We then went bowling and it was his first time Рhe loved it!  We should definitely do that again for him.

Then it was Dinner/Tea time (Depends on what part of the country you are lol. ¬†We say Dinner, people up here say Tea). ¬†We went to a Pub¬†Restaurant, 2 for 1 deal and it was lovely although a bit slow. ¬†Our 2 kids shared a MEGA Tower burger (16 oz burger) and they still couldn’t manage it when it was halved lol.

He then had a Super Mario DS Birthday cake. ¬†He was shocked but he was so happy with it ūüôā

Happy Birthday my little boy – can’t believe how big he’s getting ūüė•

Festival of Light 2011

I haven’t been on for a while so you may start reading things on here that are not in date order lol.

But lets start with yesterday and todays Huddersfield Festival of Light 2011.

Absolutely fantastic!

We’ve lived in Huddersfield for years now and we’ve never been before – and I don’t know why!!
We loved it!
We went on Saturday late afternoon to go and see the performance from Groupah in St Georges Square.  There was a huge crane holding a white metal ball which was placed in the middle of the stage.
The¬†musicians¬†and the singer started up and I was a bit disappointed at first because I couldn’t hear what she was singing – only to later realise that she was ‘ahhhhhing’ along lol – she can¬†definitely¬†hit those high notes!
All of a sudden a loads of men and women who closely resembled astronauts (minus the helmet) slowly walked towards the ball.
They all attached themselves to this and they were pulled up into the air.
Of course the white outfits looked fantastic up against the black sky.  They started doing a load of movements and were twisting and turning etc.  It was lovely.
They returned to the stage and reassembled themselves and were taken back into the air – this happened a few times.
When they were up again they went upside-down and millions of tiny polystyrene balls started pouring out of their black rucksacks.
Later on while they were upside down, I screamed in fear……..not realising that the man who just fell towards the ground was attached to a bungee rope lol. ¬†Oops.
There were a few fireworks after that which were nice too ūüôā
All I kept thinking was ‘They must be freezing!’. ¬†It was pouring with rain, they were wearing thin whites and had their bare hands on the metal bars of the ball! ¬†They did this twice for show during the night and were practising a few times¬†in-between¬†too.
We went and got something to eat from somewhere other than the food market! ¬†I wasn’t going to spend ¬£5 on a small burger or a kebab¬†especially¬†as they don’t charge that amount when they’re in their own store – perhaps the extra money goes on renting the ‘pitch’ out? ¬†There are 4 of us so ¬£20 to feed us and I can do that on half that price lol…..Oh I sound like my father lol.
We saw a giant red lobster – I’ve no idea why it was there, but it was funny to see and the poor man was obviously tired yet he kept his spirits up and was knocking the lobster and the tail into the people on purpose ūüôā ¬†One lady went to grab the tail and he¬†whacked¬†her with it lol – luckily it was just a huge blow up thing.
The Church gardens were lovely! ¬†Loads of huge flowers with lights on, made it very magical! ¬†Lovely music there too. ¬†Would have been nice to have had some people there dressed up as fairies or flowers or something though ūüôā
We went again today (Sunday) so that we could see the firework display.
We saw the same characters as before – such as the lobster, snowmen, Victorians etc.
There was the Duke Box – where there were 5 men in this small box/trailer (perhaps a converted 1 man caravan lol) and they each had their own instrument. ¬†The public could then press a few buttons to nominate a song they wanted and then they’d play it – it was fantastic!
We watched one show, the Escapologist and that was funny.
Went up the the Art Market up in the Library and there were lovely bits and pieces you could buy but I didn’t buy anything.
Went to St Georges Square and saw the brass band playing some Christmas Carols. ¬†The Counsellor then came on to say thank you etc and asked everyone to sing along to ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ and bless him, he started singing far too early and all on his own lol. ¬†He got there in the end though ūüôā
Fireworks were FANTASTIC!  Loved them!
Went to back towards Market Place and there were some Musicians dressed as butchers and they played a load of songs, and I think out of everything, they were my favourite!  Well, close favourite with Groupah.
Can’t believe I’ve never done this before. ¬†Can’t wait until The Festival of Lights 2012!!!!

The Versatile Blogger Awards

The rules to be followed when accepting The Versatile Blogger Award are:-

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate and inform 15 fellow bloggers.
  • Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  • Add The Versatile Blogger Award picture¬†to your blog post.

This was all a bit of a shock, but thank you so so much Kiran Mall-Kainth for nominating me ūüôā ¬†It means a lot to me ūüôā

Here are 15 bloggers that I would like to pass The Versatile Blogger Award to:-

  1. Bothabunch
  2. Soldier son
  3. Sh*t My 6-Year-Old Says
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  7. Travel Destination Bucket List
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  13. Black Sheep 87
  14. Hiccups and Dandelions
  15. Emiliesillettpr

OK, I’m going to have to think about this one, it’s a bit hard considering I tell all on my blog lol.

7 Things about me…..

  1. I’m working hard towards a good career but I’m actually really nervous about it all. ¬†Scared about failing and scared about getting a ‘down day’ when I’m at work – I don’t function too well. ¬†But I WILL do it! ¬†If you want anything in life then you MUST work hard towards it.
  2. I have finally become a ‘woman’. ¬†My husband always moans because I’m not very lady like – meaning I don’t enjoy shopping, I’m not into shoes and bags etc. ¬†Well, he had a shock in store when he saw the Bank Statement lol – looks like someone has found her shopping fairy and is enjoying her being around ūüėÄ
  3. I want a boob lift – I have large boobs but after 2 children and breastfeeding one of them, my boobs seem to be filled with water – there’s nothing to them – I hate it.
  4. I’m 27 years of age and I feel and act like I’m 40.
  5. I sleep only with my knickers on – I used to be naked but the husband gets a bit erm…..
  6. I LOVE Ed Sheeran! ¬†I love his song Small Bump. ¬†I shouldn’t because it has a major twist at the end of the song, but it always brings a tear to me and the first load of verses are lovely. ¬†Listen to the WORDS!
  7. I will spend about 30-40 minutes in a toilet sometimes….. ¬†I’ll only be in there for a 20 second wee and I’ll be there reading my books. ¬†It’s the only place I get some ‘Me’ time lol.

Tips to a successful Marriage

Well, these are my tips ūüôā ¬†My husband and I have been together for 11 years. ¬†We have 2 children and 2 cats, we rent our home we’re still saving for things, we have NO debts (yay ūüėÄ ). ¬†My husband works shifts so it is hard at time to get the time to see him but we make an effort. ¬†I’m at home and studying to be a bookkeeper at college.

Anyway, we’re still happy ūüôā ¬†We have slip ups, but to be honest that’s either because I’m going through the cycle or my husband has attempted to do something nice but has gone the wrong way about it lol.

Here are tips that my Grandad told me a week before my wedding day, and we’ve stuck by this always ūüôā

  • Never sleep on an argument. ¬†You wouldn’t believe the amount of people I’ve spoken to who have ended their conversations ‘So I just slammed the door and went to bed’. ¬†No no no! ¬†Doing this means that in the morning you wake up to what should be a new day, instead you’re still in the middle of this unsolved argument. ¬†You’ll wake up either feeling upset, angry, resentful, perhaps even shy or you may realise you were infact wrong but you’re too stubborn to say sorry now. ¬†Fix the problem as soon as it comes. ¬†Say your ‘sorrys’ and find solutions if you need it. ¬†Cuddle and smile.
  • Carry on courting.¬† Being married or in a long term relationship does not mean that it should all lead down hill after the first year or so. ¬†You shouldn’t expect the spark in your life to just die away. ¬†Go on a date each week or once a month. ¬†Perhaps it’s a breakfast date, a lunch date, or an evening date. ¬†You don’t need money either so no using that as an excuse! ¬†Just the two of you could grab your coats and boots and have a nice walk together, just holding hands, exploring new areas etc. ¬†If you have children, then find a babysitter that you trust. ¬†You could go out together to the local pub, try something new, go for dinner, or just do the weekly shop together without the kids at your feet. ¬†You need time together! ¬†It will be a day that you get all excited about and start counting down the days ūüôā
  • Listen to each other. ¬†You really should listen to each other, it’s the only way you will learn when the other is upset or what the other wants. ¬†So many people don’t communicate and ¬†I find that men tend to be worse at this, they don’t like to talk about things as much, but I guess for a woman to continually ask him over and over again, it can become annoying and maybe this barrier comes up. ¬†But BOTH men and women need to remember that if they don’t talk to each other, how on earth are they meant to know what you’re thinking? ¬†I tend to catch my husband more at bed time lol – it’s when my body is the most relaxed and I’m no longer doing anything which leads my mind to race and think about things. ¬†It is annoying for him I know lol, but I’ve¬†acknowledged¬†that this is the wrong time and I’m therefore not upset when I hear his snores.
  • Do not cheat.¬† It’s not nice. ¬†If you truly loved your partner then you wouldn’t cheat. ¬†So many people say ‘oh it was just in the moment’, but no, surely your partners face would have come up in your mind. ¬†You’d think about what pain this would put them through. ¬†If you’re not getting on, then either try and make it work somehow or end the relationship first.
  • Have fun. ¬†Don’t get too boring lol. ¬†Have fun still, muck about, play fight etc. ¬†It’s all in good nature and you never know what the outcome may be if you’re/they’re lucky lol ūüėČ
Today my husband and I have spent the day mucking about, teasing each other and going for a walk around the area.

Are you letting your children out for Halloween?

Every year this comes about, the big debate on whether or not we should allow our children to do Halloween.

Trick or Treating is just a form of begging. ¬†It’s teaching our children that it’s ok to knock on strangers doors. ¬†We teach our children to never accept things off of strangers.

I agree with it all, but I contradict myself every year and I allow my children to go out and Trick or Treat in our area.

Why? ¬†Because it’s a tradition. ¬†It’s something I did as a child, something my husband did as a child.

We’re not religious, we just do this as a bit of fun. ¬†It’s something that the children look forward to, not just the treats, but to dress up, to go to¬†Halloween¬†parties etc.

My children will not be going on their own until a few years time and hopefully another mother will agree to allow their child out with a group of friends lol.

We never do trick and if anyone asks they just say ‘we’ve been brought up better than that’ or ‘we’re not horrible kids’, that usually gets a smile off of the household lol.

I’ve never done this on my own with the kids, usually my husband is with them and I wait at the end of the garden lol.


You’ve seen many movies or TV series about supernatural/underworld, even a film called Spooky Buddies (something like that lol) shows that on the Eve of All Saints Day the barrier between our world and the spirit world is at it’s weakest and that spirits break free into our world and roam the earth – hence why you have people dressing up as witches, ghosts etc.

The tradition of going from door to door¬†receiving¬†food already existed in Great Britain and Ireland in the form of ‘Souling’, where children and poor people would sing and say prayers for the dead in return for cakes. ¬†Guising – children disguised in costumes going from door to door for food and coins – also¬†predates¬†trick or treat, and is recorded in Scotland at Halloween in 1895, where masqueraders in disguise carrying lanterns made out of scooped turnips visit homes to be rewarded with cakes, fruit and money. ¬†(sourced online)

I guess Souling and Halloween (Celtic belief) just merged into the two.

How do I make my blog searchable?

I’ve been looking online, through google and other search engines. ¬†Even on a couple (but not a load) of posts on wordpress but I still do not understand!

I’m reading about changing permalinks, about the titles and domains etc. ¬†But I’m also being told to ‘go to Dashboard, then options’….WHERE is options!? ¬†Seriously, where is it!? ¬†Because I cannot find it and I’m starting to think I’m dumber than I already thought :S

Apparently I can change my permalink so that my title comes first and THEN my blog name but how? ¬†I can’t find it on here.
If I do it this way, then I have a better chance of  my blog/post being found on search engines.

I write rubbish to be honest, so it’s not all that interesting but there must be someone who enjoys reading what I write? ¬†I have a few people subscribed to me now (thank you ūüôā ).

What else can I do?

I’ve tried adding more tags, I’ve tried giving myself more categories, so I’m using 2 or 3 instead of 1 but wont this just look a bit cluttered?

Help is wonderfully accepted ūüėÄ

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