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Pet Cats & the trouble they bring

We have 2 female cats, who are about 2 years old now and we’ve had them since they were kittens.
I’ve always been a dog person, and we’ve had a few dogs in the past, but I decided we’d get a cat instead and I was shocked at how independent they are.  You don’t have to take them out for walks all the time, they don’t get all excited when you stand up or if the door knocks.

We got one kitten and it was very playful, so we decided that we would get another one to keep it company if we went out and so we got a kitten that we were told was 10 weeks old, it wasn’t, there was no way, it was tiny and we reckon it was about 3 or 4 weeks old.  She was able to eat on her own but it looked lost.  The first kitten which was only supposed to be a week older, took it into her care and cuddled up straight away.
But this second kitten needed a bit more, and so she adopted me as her surrogate.  She used to suckle on my ear lobe and fall asleep on my shoulder.  She followed me everywhere and was more content with me that with anyone else.
She still is.  She’s very scared of people and it takes her a while to get used to people, she’ll hide away and sleep upstairs or go outside and lay on the lawn.

Anyway, since they were about 6 months old and neutered they started going out, and at about a year old, they started to bring trouble home!

We’ve come home to find a few presents for us, mainly mice, and so far they’ve always been dead….unless I just haven’t heard the live ones they’ve brought in.
Once we found a bird and there were feathers everywhere!  Have you tried to vacuum up feathers?  It’s impossible, as you’re vacuuming, the opposite of the vacuum cleaner is blowing air out, so these feathers are flying off in all directions, very annoying.

There are a few ideas as to why cats do this.  If it’s been eaten or partially eaten then it’s hungry.  If it’s dead the it’s a present for you.
I was recently told that they bring them in dead to ‘teach’ you, and soon they’ll bring them in alive to teach you how to hunt.  I hope it doesn’t get to that!

Other things the cats are doing, which I could do without are scratch marks on our new leather table chairs!  They don’t sit there pawing it, but if they’re being pushed off by a kid or fall off then they do what cats do, dig their claws in to stay put.

I’ve just cleaned my entire house including washing doors, windows etc, and I’ve noticed that there are scratch marks on the draft excluder around the front door!
This is because my cats try to open the front door if they’re outside and can’t get in.  We leave a window open all night but sometimes they just cannot be bothered to walk around the house to get to it.

So, what can I do so that they no longer sleep on the dining chairs?  We’ve tried putting them upside down on the table, but that looks messy and it’s inconvenient.
I heard they don’t like vinegar, or is that dogs?  Could I rub vinegar into leather?  Hmmmmm.


The Teachers Site….Give them a break!

Everyone has an opinion about this, so I’ll give my little bit too.

Of course I understand the upset and mess-up of working parents who will now have to have a day off or arrange for childcare, but we were given notice – most of us anyway.
My son is home today but my daughter is at school, they go to the same school and it is only the early years that is effected, but the school has tried it’s best to keep as many classes open for children.

Many people are saying that the teachers are selfish, that they shouldn’t be on strike, that they should count themselves lucky that they have a job in these situations, but I would bet anything that if the shoe was on the other foot, these ‘complainers’ would be in uproar.

In the ATL’s 127 year history this is the FIRST NATIONAL STRIKE they’ve every had.

These teachers went into a job where they had a certain pension plan etc and now find that this could be changed for them.  I would be pretty peeved too.

Tesco’s – Every Little Helps Indeed :D

I LOVE bargains, I really do!  It puts such a smile on my face and makes me feel all good inside as if I’d won a great prize.

Last night I went out for a drink with a friend and afterwards I popped into Tesco’s to grab a few things.  I only have £10 on me, so I was on a tight budget.
As it was 9.30 pm I headed towards the reduced section in the fridge area where most of their good offers go, and I found some pork mince there but no reduced tag.  I picked it up anyway because it’s display date way the 28th so it was due to be reduced and its original price was £2.

I carried on shopping, bought a few things and then saw the reduced ticket man and asked him to put a tag on the mince………I got it for 20p!!
To add to that, he has a load of other things he was pricing up.  I got:

Butchers Cumberland Sausages (8 in a pack) for…11p!
Tuna & Sweetcorn sandwich filler for…19p
Curry take-away meal for 2 (was £7)…62p
Chocolate cake/pudding for 4…£1
Choc & Rasin bars…30p
Strawberry Cereal Bars…39p
Some posh nosh Cereal…£1.50 (normally £3)
Bacon Quiche…19p

Can’t remember what else I got but basically my bill came up to £8 and I must have saved myself about £20+.  And most of it can go in the freezer, or I got reduced because the packaging was torn (the dried things like the choc bars/cereal etc.)

So I walked out of there so happy and almost skipping home 😀  I’ve sorted out the main ingredient for 3 days worth or dinners (the mince, sausages & Quiche).

Ice Cream Anyone?

There is this little ice cream parlour near us and I’ve never been but everyone keeps going on about it, so I thought I’d give it a go and treat our son to it.
I’ve treated our daughter to ice cream sundaes a few times as a ‘bonding’ session, so it’s about time I did it for my son too!

apparently all their ice creams are homemade and freshly made on that day.  As the weather is hot, I’m assuming this place will be packed, and as I don’t like the heat, this might be a bit of a stressful ‘bond’.

I get very irritable about pushy people too, the ones who push in line, and also impolite people, the people who don’t say please and thank you’s, who don’t acknowledge you’re holding a door open for them and you’ve been standing there like it for 30 seconds as they slllloooowly shuffle towards the door.
So this heat will probably increase my irritability level…….oops.

Hope the weather is with you, where ever you are x

Changing Face (book)

Facebook has changed again….well a few weeks back they changed the messaging part.

It’s no longer so straight forward where you just click ‘delete’.
If you press the ‘x’ button next to the message, it will not delete, it will archive it.  I am one of these who likes  things deleted and looking neat, so this will not do for me.

How to delete a message:

You have to select each message and once on it, press the ‘Actions’ tab above the message on the right hand side.  From this, a drop down menu will appear where you can then select ‘delete messages’.  You can then delete selected messages or delete the entire conversation.

So far I haven’t found a quicker way to do this, so I’ve had to select every single message.

How to view your sent messages:

You will have to go and ‘See all Messages’ and then on the top right of the messages page, you have a tab saying ‘New Message’, and next to this you have a Magnifying Glass.  Click this Magnifying glass and you can choose types of messages such as ‘Sent’ or ‘Archive’

So far I’m FREE

I’ve suffered since I was 16 with depression and most of that time I refused to take tablets.  I managed to fight my way through it and was fine until after having our daughter.  I had Post Natal depression with our daughter and refused to acknowledge there was a problem.

Later on after I felt a bit better, we tried and became pregnant with our son.  I then had Ante-natal depression and had never felt anything like it before!  I decided I needed help this time and waited MONTHS to be referred, I was finally referred AFTER I had our son and then my depression was classed as Post-Natal Depression.

I got help, I saw someone weekly and took tablets.  It’s been 4 years and I’m fantastic, and I’ve decided to wean myself off of my anti-depressants.

I would like to say that no matter what, you MUST remember that this is not your fault and that you can ask for help!  YOU are the only one who can make the change, and you must first acknowledge that you are ill.
I took the first step and asked for help and I wish I’d done it sooner!  I still have my off-days but I’m happy most of the days……unless I’ve started a hormonal contraception and that’s another story!

Hello People of WordPress :)

Well hello people of WordPress 🙂

I didn’t really know what to call myself, so I figured, after watching The Biggest Loser Australia, I’d name myself after something I’d never heard before – Fairy Bread.

Turns out it’s just butter bread with a load of Hundreds and Thousands on it – a bit bizarre if you ask me lol.

Anyway, this is my blog, and it’s just about how I’m feeling as a person, as a wife and as a mother.

I’ve been on a rocky road with depression and negativity, but I’ve been on the right track for a few years now, although I do still have a few ups and downs.

My marriage is good, although there are a few issues with things like parenting views, we are still in love after 11 years and we have trust which is a big factor.

Our children are of Primary school age, and although I have the urge to produce another one, I know that in my head I can’t yet.  I had Post Natal depression with both my children, and Ante-natal depression with my son, and I don’t think I could go through all of that again.

Anyway, I hope you all have good day x

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