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Changing Face (book)

Facebook has changed again….well a few weeks back they changed the messaging part.

It’s no longer so straight forward where you just click ‘delete’.
If you press the ‘x’ button next to the message, it will not delete, it will archive it.  I am one of these who likes  things deleted and looking neat, so this will not do for me.

How to delete a message:

You have to select each message and once on it, press the ‘Actions’ tab above the message on the right hand side.  From this, a drop down menu will appear where you can then select ‘delete messages’.  You can then delete selected messages or delete the entire conversation.

So far I haven’t found a quicker way to do this, so I’ve had to select every single message.

How to view your sent messages:

You will have to go and ‘See all Messages’ and then on the top right of the messages page, you have a tab saying ‘New Message’, and next to this you have a Magnifying Glass.  Click this Magnifying glass and you can choose types of messages such as ‘Sent’ or ‘Archive’


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