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Ice Cream Anyone?

There is this little ice cream parlour near us and I’ve never been but everyone keeps going on about it, so I thought I’d give it a go and treat our son to it.
I’ve treated our daughter to ice cream sundaes a few times as a ‘bonding’ session, so it’s about time I did it for my son too!

apparently all their ice creams are homemade and freshly made on that day.  As the weather is hot, I’m assuming this place will be packed, and as I don’t like the heat, this might be a bit of a stressful ‘bond’.

I get very irritable about pushy people too, the ones who push in line, and also impolite people, the people who don’t say please and thank you’s, who don’t acknowledge you’re holding a door open for them and you’ve been standing there like it for 30 seconds as they slllloooowly shuffle towards the door.
So this heat will probably increase my irritability level…….oops.

Hope the weather is with you, where ever you are x


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One thought on “Ice Cream Anyone?

  1. Turns out that this was a waste of time and nothing like I assumed it was. People have been raving about this place and telling me how great it is, and so I go there and it’s a little shop that sells a few tubs of ice cream but also the only flavour for the coned ice creams is Vanilla!
    It is nice, but I’d have preferred a choice.
    Plus you’ve only got raspberry sauce to go on. So not much of a variety.

    I was expecting a cafe type place where you could choose any type of flavour, and you could choose how you wanted it such as with waffles, banana’s, sundae glasses etc.

    Pity. The worst thing about it is that we had to catch an extra bus from town to get there and just as we came out of the bus station, their was an ice cream van from the same company!!!!! Should have saved our money and bought a cone from them haha.

    Had a nice walk afterwards so that was nice – plus I burnt off those calories lol

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