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Tesco’s – Every Little Helps Indeed :D

I LOVE bargains, I really do!  It puts such a smile on my face and makes me feel all good inside as if I’d won a great prize.

Last night I went out for a drink with a friend and afterwards I popped into Tesco’s to grab a few things.  I only have £10 on me, so I was on a tight budget.
As it was 9.30 pm I headed towards the reduced section in the fridge area where most of their good offers go, and I found some pork mince there but no reduced tag.  I picked it up anyway because it’s display date way the 28th so it was due to be reduced and its original price was £2.

I carried on shopping, bought a few things and then saw the reduced ticket man and asked him to put a tag on the mince………I got it for 20p!!
To add to that, he has a load of other things he was pricing up.  I got:

Butchers Cumberland Sausages (8 in a pack) for…11p!
Tuna & Sweetcorn sandwich filler for…19p
Curry take-away meal for 2 (was £7)…62p
Chocolate cake/pudding for 4…£1
Choc & Rasin bars…30p
Strawberry Cereal Bars…39p
Some posh nosh Cereal…£1.50 (normally £3)
Bacon Quiche…19p

Can’t remember what else I got but basically my bill came up to £8 and I must have saved myself about £20+.  And most of it can go in the freezer, or I got reduced because the packaging was torn (the dried things like the choc bars/cereal etc.)

So I walked out of there so happy and almost skipping home 😀  I’ve sorted out the main ingredient for 3 days worth or dinners (the mince, sausages & Quiche).


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2 thoughts on “Tesco’s – Every Little Helps Indeed :D

  1. I love bargains too, especially on clothes It doesn’t matter how much it costs – its how much you have saved! 😉
    As much as I love supermarket reductions at the end of day I do find some of them a bit silly. With yours for example how can a curry for 2 people cost less then a chocolate cake or some cereal. I’m sure they work it out with percentages but when you are paying in pence for food worth pounds it makes me wonder how much it costs to make the food – the supermarkets are probably still making a profit most of the time!
    Hope you enjoy your tasty bargains 🙂

    • Yes they do it by percentage 🙂
      I asked yesterday because like you said, how can a curry meal for two cost less than cereal etc. At a certain time they will reduce the item down by 75% and as the night goes by it will reduce even more.

      To be honest, I very nearly buy things I don’t normally buy, but I’ve managed to get out of that habit…a little haha. It’s like the ‘Buy 2 for £3’, do I actually NEED the other product? I’ll only save myself an extra 25p 😀

      They must be making profit still, the amount of food they waste and you always hear about their £3.7 million yearly profit (for example) lol. xxx

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