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Pet Cats & the trouble they bring

We have 2 female cats, who are about 2 years old now and we’ve had them since they were kittens.
I’ve always been a dog person, and we’ve had a few dogs in the past, but I decided we’d get a cat instead and I was shocked at how independent they are.  You don’t have to take them out for walks all the time, they don’t get all excited when you stand up or if the door knocks.

We got one kitten and it was very playful, so we decided that we would get another one to keep it company if we went out and so we got a kitten that we were told was 10 weeks old, it wasn’t, there was no way, it was tiny and we reckon it was about 3 or 4 weeks old.  She was able to eat on her own but it looked lost.  The first kitten which was only supposed to be a week older, took it into her care and cuddled up straight away.
But this second kitten needed a bit more, and so she adopted me as her surrogate.  She used to suckle on my ear lobe and fall asleep on my shoulder.  She followed me everywhere and was more content with me that with anyone else.
She still is.  She’s very scared of people and it takes her a while to get used to people, she’ll hide away and sleep upstairs or go outside and lay on the lawn.

Anyway, since they were about 6 months old and neutered they started going out, and at about a year old, they started to bring trouble home!

We’ve come home to find a few presents for us, mainly mice, and so far they’ve always been dead….unless I just haven’t heard the live ones they’ve brought in.
Once we found a bird and there were feathers everywhere!  Have you tried to vacuum up feathers?  It’s impossible, as you’re vacuuming, the opposite of the vacuum cleaner is blowing air out, so these feathers are flying off in all directions, very annoying.

There are a few ideas as to why cats do this.  If it’s been eaten or partially eaten then it’s hungry.  If it’s dead the it’s a present for you.
I was recently told that they bring them in dead to ‘teach’ you, and soon they’ll bring them in alive to teach you how to hunt.  I hope it doesn’t get to that!

Other things the cats are doing, which I could do without are scratch marks on our new leather table chairs!  They don’t sit there pawing it, but if they’re being pushed off by a kid or fall off then they do what cats do, dig their claws in to stay put.

I’ve just cleaned my entire house including washing doors, windows etc, and I’ve noticed that there are scratch marks on the draft excluder around the front door!
This is because my cats try to open the front door if they’re outside and can’t get in.  We leave a window open all night but sometimes they just cannot be bothered to walk around the house to get to it.

So, what can I do so that they no longer sleep on the dining chairs?  We’ve tried putting them upside down on the table, but that looks messy and it’s inconvenient.
I heard they don’t like vinegar, or is that dogs?  Could I rub vinegar into leather?  Hmmmmm.


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