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The Teachers Site….Give them a break!

Everyone has an opinion about this, so I’ll give my little bit too.

Of course I understand the upset and mess-up of working parents who will now have to have a day off or arrange for childcare, but we were given notice – most of us anyway.
My son is home today but my daughter is at school, they go to the same school and it is only the early years that is effected, but the school has tried it’s best to keep as many classes open for children.

Many people are saying that the teachers are selfish, that they shouldn’t be on strike, that they should count themselves lucky that they have a job in these situations, but I would bet anything that if the shoe was on the other foot, these ‘complainers’ would be in uproar.

In the ATL’s 127 year history this is the FIRST NATIONAL STRIKE they’ve every had.

These teachers went into a job where they had a certain pension plan etc and now find that this could be changed for them.  I would be pretty peeved too.


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