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Euro Millions Wish :)

Todays Euro Millions is a staggering £136 million!

Wow.  Already I’m planning on how to spend it hehe.  I don’t really do the lottery but I might buy a ticket today, no harm in trying is there.

So, what would you do if you won £136,000,000?
Oh the things you could do!  Would you donate it all to charity?  Would you divide it with family and friends?  Would you divorce your partner and run away with it?
What would YOU do?

I would love to organise a dinner at a resturant we would normally go to, I can imagine the argument me and my father would have over paying.  He would insist on paying because we have the kids and the money could go towards them and he can afford it.  They’ll have no idea, and after paying we’ll go outside where there would be a limo waiting (because I’d pay for a taxi for everyone to get to the resturant).  Of course they’ll be wondering who it was for until we tell them it’s for them, and inside there would be the envelopes on their seats and we’ll open a nice bottle of bubbily and watch their faces as they find a cheque inside for each of them.
Might have to have some paramedics on hand to help incase my mother goes into fits of laughter, my father has a heart attack or my sisters scream so much that they forget to breathe lol.  My brother would just sit there and say ‘cool’ haha.  (Would like to say that my father wouldn’t really have a heart attack, I wouldn’t put him in this situation otherwise)
To be honest, they’d probably think that we were teasing them and that it was all a big joke lol.

There are many things that I’d want to get out of the way such as paying off our debts.  We only owe a few hundred to be honest, but I’d like to pay off our debts and pay our bills a year in advance 🙂

Pay off our family debts.  My parents, sisters and my husbands mother are in debt.  They’re dealing with it and are not too bad with it, but it would be nice to make them debt free so that they can live better, save more and do things they were unable to do before hand.

Buy a nice detached house.  I wouldn’t want the 10 bedroom house my husband says he’d want.  I would like a 4 bedroom house.  That would cover 1 bedroom for us, 1 for our son, 1 for our daughter, and 1 as a spare room for guests.
I’d like a nice back and front garden, a separate dining area and en suites for 2 of the rooms.
We would love to have our own indoor swimming pool and a gym, but is that getting a bit over the top?
My husband would love to have a games room, a cinema room and roller coasters in the back garden….I’m saying no lol.  That’s a bit much haha!

Buy a car.  I passed my test a year ago, but I’ve still not managed to buy a car because of the insurance.  I’m currently saving so that I can buy a car and pay for the insurance in one hit rather than be in debt or having to make a payment each month and worry incase I’ve not got enough, so it would be nice to buy one.

We’d get my husbands driving lessons out of the way too and buy a car for him.  He wants a sports car.

A holiday!  We need a family holiday, we’ve never had one!  We’ve been unable to provide one which is really upsetting for me.  We have days out every so often for them and hope that that’s ok for them, but I know they’d love a proper holiday.  We’d have to get a Children Holiday, something like Disneyland Florida or something.

Now that we’re out of the way, it’ll be time to give away 🙂  Family and friends, and also Charities.  I’d like to give to the Alzheimer’s, Cancer Research, Weight Concern etc.  I’d give loads away.
It would be nice to help the homeless too, perhaps fund for a type of shelter in our area, as I’m not sure that we have one.

I wouldn’t give up on the work front either.  I help the community and I would carry on doing that.  I’d carry on with my education and I would put money into the business my father has been setting up.  We’re in on the business together, but I’m not earning an income as it’s not set off yet.  I’d like to put money into the business to get it off the ground properly.

I’d open up saving accounts for the kids, I’d even open up an extra one as we may have another child in the future.
I’d prefer that the kids didn’t get it until they had finished college, and they could use that to help them with Uni or with their future.

I’d buy a house for each sister and brother, but I’d put it in my name.  My reason for this is that they are wanting to marry their partners, and once they do that, if it doesn’t work out, the husband will have a right to take part of the house.  I will ask them to pay me rent £1 per year.

Oh, wishful thinking hey 🙂  I’ve got it all planned out lol.

I’m not sure if I’d want to go overboard, I’d certainly not want everyone to know that we’d won because that changes people’s views of you, and also I’m from a family where you are brought up to work hard for things in life.
All I want in life is to live financially comfortable, to have a house, a car, yearly holidays and of course pay of our bills and still have money left to have a few days out with the kids.  That’s all I ask for.  Of course happiness and health of course.  I’d rather the happiness and health more than anything, you adapt to your money situations, I’ve learnt to budget where I can and to find bargains 🙂

Money changes people, and I would like to think it wouldn’t change us.  I’d have to bring my husband down a peg or two though because he is a child at heart and he would go over board if he could lol.  My husband never had the basic things in life as a child, so I understand he’ll want things, but he also hordes everything- probably to do with his childhood too.

Good luck to people doing the Euro Millions 🙂


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