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Hormonal Contraceptive – Pfft

I’m fed up, I can’t seem to handle any kind of hormonal contraceptive, as my inner Mrs Hyde comes out!

I’m on the mini pill, and I’ve only been on it for a month, but today I’ve thrown them all out!  I’ve had enough.
Not only has my body decided that I lack a bit of acne, I’m also really moody and my husband gets the brunt of it all 😦
I also can’t make up my mind as to why I’m so angry with him – strange little pill.

Before the mini pill, I was on Implanon the Implant that they insert into your arm, and that made me really moody too.  I was horrible to my husband and the first 3 months of having it in was the worst!  I because moody and ranting about everything, so much so that I created a rant and rave blog – which has since been deleted, it’s just not healthy lol.

I was fine when we were just using condoms, but the problem there is that I’m allergic to the latex, however I found that the ultra thin condoms were better for me.

I have stupidly heavy periods, so of course I’m looking for something to stop them such as the mini pill, implant and even the injection, but it’s just not worth it.

I had the injection a few years back and that was the worst for me.  I was so bad that my husband later told me (once I was off of it and back to normal) that he was considering leaving me 😥
We have a strong relationship believe it or not, and I’m lucky that my husband is understanding that these hormonal contraceptives are not good for me and we wait through it for a few months to see how it goes.
He’s very patient with me.  I’m very lucky to have him!  He’s my soul mate, and he knows how bad I feel about how my moods are when I’m on these things.

We’ve talked and decided that we’ll just stick to condoms.  Our sex life will go back to normal too 😀  These pills/implants etc really decrease my sexual appetite, and so once I’m back to ‘normal’ it will be nice to return to what it was 😉


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