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Freegan vs Millionnaire

I have just finished watching an episode on 4demand of Wife Swap – The Gianstefanis and the Aytons.

It’s about a Millionnaire’s wife who swaps lives with a Freegan wife in Surrey.

I found it quite interesting.  I am ok with bin diving/raiding as long as the produce is sealed etc although we don’t personally do it.
I think there is a lot of waste and it would be ideal if supermarkets could give the waste to charities or hostels etc.

Anyway, the thing I don’t agree with is that the Freegan family don’t work, but instead ‘work’ by spreading the word of their religion.
They don’t claim benefits, yet they send their 12-year-old son to a public school, they go to dentists, doctors hospitals etc.  I find them no different to the x amount of people on the dole who will never intend to work.  (Please note I am only on about the people who have chosen not to work, not the people who have no choice or cannot find work).

I didn’t like the condition of the caravan they were living in either.  I’m ok with people living in caravans, that isn’t my issue, my issue was the coldness they were experiencing and also the leaks.

The millionnaire family had no idea about the amount people waste, or the amount THEY waste.
Thankfully this experience for them has helped them look more into it and they’ve reduced their wastage.
I felt sorry for the mum running around dropping her kids off here and there, surely her sons are old enough to make their own way or get a driving license?


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