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Whats you’re Favourite?

I, like most, have a youtube account, and I have a few subscriptions on there, and there is one which I LOVE.

I am talking about JustinRobinett  (All links open up on a separate tab/page)

He’s a singer, he mainly sings covers, but they’re all with a twist, and so far I love all of them.  Justin Robinett sings with different people, but on this youtube account he sings with Michael Henry.

Please have a listen and see what you think 🙂  Also, they have people in the room with them, so keep your eye on them too because they’re funny 🙂
Plus Justin tends to pull a few weird faces when singing lol, but I get mesmerised.

My favourites are:

Airplanes / Brick by Boring Brick  (Justin Robinett is the one in Blue)

In My Head

Rolling in Deep / Someone Like You / Turning Tables

So, who is your favourite subscription on youtube, or what is your favourite video?


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