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Just got back from the opticians because my eyes have been going blurry and I find it hard to focus at times and I was getting a bit worried.
I did go about 9 months ago and was told everything was fine, but I’ve still got it.

Anyway, had the ‘puff test’ where they blow a little puff of air into your eyes a few times, and every time I jump. I can hear my husband in the background giggling because he can see me jumping lol.

Reminds me a bit of ‘Rachel from Friends’ when she has to see the eye doctor lol.

Anyway, the Optometrist is spending a lot of time on my eyes which gets me a bit worried and then se puts a dye in my eyes which is alarming because I’ve never had that before.

Turns out I’ve got Astigma. Although all day I’ve been saying ‘I’ve got a Stigma’ haha, turns out it’s ONE word.

Basically it’s where my eyes are the shape of Rubgy balls, not footballs and he says mine a a bit more curved than many with astigma.
It explains why my eyes go blurry (also my medication affects the muscles in my body including my eyes so that’s not helping’.
So, one eye focuses on something while my other eye will focus above it or something, it’s not noticeable when you look at me, I’m not cross-eyed of anything.

Anyway, I’ve got myself some glasses, I’ve got to wait a week or two and I got that on the NHS but I paid an extra £25 to get the anti-glare as I use computers.

Getting insurance when I pick them up. I know what I’m like, so I’d best get it. I’ll still have to pay 25% though, but that’s better than paying £160 (lens, frame & Anti-glare).

I’ll have to wear them when I concentrate, so reading, writing, computers, driving etc. Basically every time I open my eyes.
I’ll see if I can get away with just wearing them when I read and watch something. I’m hoping I don’t have to wear them when out walking.
Now thinking I should have got the tinted ones for sunlight. More money though.

Anyway. I’d better got a wash my freaky rugby eyes, they’re rather dry since that dye. Oh, also my teat ducts are not producing enough apparently.

EDIT:  Turns out it is ‘Eye Stigma’ so I do have ‘a stigma’ the condition is called astigmatism


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One thought on “Astigmatism

  1. I’ve just had mine tested and my left eye has a stigma, never knew eyes changed shape. The tests were really clever and made a huge difference. I get my glasses next week – cant wait. I’m hoping that my eye returns to its previous state 😉 not sure if it could though as I’m 36.

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