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A Deed a Day

I’ve decided to try to do at least 1 good deed per day.

I’ve found that I love helping people in the community, in fact, I love helping people all together!

Yesterday I bought a homeless man a sandwich, apple and a banana.  To be honest, with the amount of benefits people receive, he’s probably already eaten, but ‘just in case’ he hasn’t, I decided to spend £2-£3 on this stranger.

I also gave £2 to a charity for terminally ill children.  I normally only give a few pence, and I think most people only do that.  Trying to get rid of the loose change in their pocket.

Today, I gave a man my day ticket for the bus, as he had lost his wallet and I knew he didn’t have a ticket as we were talking about it earlier that day, about bus drivers not accepting £5 notes, so he asked me for change.

I’m not looking for thanks (Although it’s polite to be thanked), but I’m doing this to help others, I’m doing this for Karma, and I’m doing this because if this was me, I would like to think that others would help me.

What good deed did you do today


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