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Sorry, what!? Fish sucking your feet!?

I’m a bit late on this new craze, but you can now get a new kind of pedicure!  Dead skin eating FISH!

Yes, you’ve heard right (You’ve probably already heard it though haha, been around for a wee while now).

So, you go in, you pay something like £10 for 15 minutes and you stick your bare feet into a fish bowl basically.
The fish will then start to nibble at your feet and remove all of the hard skin (They’d had a field day at mine….either that or they’d die because I have smelly feet lol…oops).

Apparently it does not hurt.  I’ve been told several times that the bigger the fish, the more you can feel the TEETH  *shudder*
Aw I just can’t do it.  I keep feeling tempted to try it out but then I bottle out haha.

Several people have said that the fish go in between their toes, and that’s another big no-no for me!  I can’t have things in between my toes lol.
Plus I’ve got really ticklish feet and I can’t even have a normal massage as I tend to flick my feet a bit, so the poor fish would probably get kicked of squashed 😦

I can’t even stand going in the sea incase things swim around my feet, and I hate it when you get caught on seaweed.

Perhaps one day I’ll stop being a wimp haha.

Later on this day, I have a breakfast date with my husband 🙂 and hopefully I can get a doctor’s appointment for my dizziness.
Found out that dizziness is a withdrawal symptom from coming off my anti-depressant.  It’s a common one for SSRI’s.  Great stuff 😦


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