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It’s official, I’m in love with a vacuum cleaner!

So, a few weeks a go I found out that I had won a competition and my prize was the AEG Ultrasilencer Vacuum Cleaner worth £209.

AEG Ultra Silencer AUS 3966P

It’s a fantastic Hoover so far!  It’s so silent!  I mean, you can hear the suction when it’s on MAX, but when it’s on MIN suction, you can’t hear the hoover!  OK, a teeny bit, but you can happily watch your TV and you wouldn’t hear it.  In fact, I forgot to turn it off as I walked into another room and couldn’t hear it.

It’s a bagged cleaner though, and I’m used to the bagless ones, so I need to find out how much new ones cost.  It came with 2 so I’m ok at the moment.

The suction is so strong that I worried that my carpet was going to come off the stairs lol.  You can adjust the strength of it which is good.

I highly advise in getting one of these, but saying that, it’s only been 2 days lol.

Kids love it too lol.


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