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Won a Spa Voucher, Received Two!

I won a competition a few months ago for a Spa voucher, and it took ages to receive, but I finally did and for some reason I got TWO!
Now, most people would say ‘keep it’ including my husband, but I’m very strong with Karma.  Part of me wants to keep it of course, but instead I phone up the company to ask about it.

I was told by a lovely lady that if I received two, then I obviously won two of them and to keep them.  Well, I’m not arguing lol.

I’m keeping one for me and my husband but I don’t want both, and it was too much hassle to ask for a money alternative, so I’ve asked if I can exchange them for other vouchers instead (It’s a company who have vouchers for all different types of things like Spa’s, holidays, exciting hobbies etc).
I’m allowed to, and so I have decided to exchange it for 3 things which total up to the same amount as the original voucher.
I looked hard and found ideal presents for my parents anniversary, my sister’s birthday and one of my best friends birthday.  Feels a bit rude that I’ve used this win towards presents for others, but all 3 know how much we’re struggling at the moment and they’ll LOVE what I’ve got in store for them so I don’t think they’ll care lol.

Just waiting for them to come through now : )


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2 thoughts on “Won a Spa Voucher, Received Two!

  1. Kiran Mall-Kainth on said:

    I love how many competitions you win! I’ve entered a couple, but I’ve not won anything yet 😦

    Where do you find so many competitions? And where do you get your luck? Could you send some to me please! 🙂

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