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Stop looking behind in the past, or you'll never see what's standing infront of you!

Never when you actually need it

I always have these moments, where something happens and you think to yourself ‘Why didn’t I take it with me’ etc.

I go out all the time and before I leave I see something like my camera and I think to myself ‘I wont need that today’, so I carry on with my day and within the hour of being out I find a need for that camera I left at home!
It was such a lovely Kodak moment too.  My husband and our children were walking in front of me and next to each other holding hands, and I just stood there thinking ‘WHY didn’t I bring it!’
I took the picture on my mobile instead but it didn’t turn out very well at all!’

Other things like my Nectar Card, I think to myself that I wont be going into Sainsburys, but Lo and Behold, I come out doing a weeks worth of shopping.

The Law of Sod is at work 😉


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