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Poor little birdie

We were on our way out the other day and my kids are screaming to us ‘There’s a bird, a bird!’.  All me and my husband can say to each other is ‘oh no, not again’.

Basically my children seem to be magnets to animals!  I cannot tell you the amount of stray dogs they find or end up in our garden and/or house!  I just don’t know how they do it!
They’ve found birds, cats (cats don’t really count though, they’re outdoor animals), mice etc.

Anyway, this poor bird was hiding behind a bench in our garden and apparently one of our cats was trying to chase it so I was getting ready to find blood.
No blood thankfully but the poor bird was not too good.  He couldn’t fly, one of the wings wasn’t lifting up properly.

We took him inside the house and chucked the cats out and phoned the RSPCA who told us that although it’s fully grown, it could still be a fledgling and so it would probably be tired.  As it’s wings were both tucked nicely into it’s body then he doubted it was any major damage.

He advised us to put him in a box with some water and food and leave him in the dark to encourage roosting so he could sleep and gain strength.
It’s weird though and I had told him this [RSPCA Man] that the bird did look tired and he was swaying back and forth a bit.  Again we were told that this was just because he was tired.

All night I worried about the bird, wondering if I put him up in a tree away from predators, but then wondering if I did that, could he go and get food if he was infact hurt?

Didn’t matter anyway, my husband went to release it and found him dead 😥
Poor thing!

This bird was the type of bird that most people hate, and even I get bloody annoyed with them, but at the end of the day it was a life.  It was a pigeon.  It was really lovely too actually.


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