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Two faced? Bored? Back Stabbing?

I’ve learnt that if someone tells you secrets that they shouldn’t, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re doing the same with your personal secrets.

If someone is constantly being all ‘high and mighty’ and back stabbing and criticising everything people do, then they’re probably doing it about you behind your back too.

It’s hard when sometimes you value that persons opinion and it’s hard when you’ve not got many people to confide in but I need to learn to stop going to these types of people.

I have several of these types of people in my life.

I’ve had issues in life and I’ve opened up but I guess the entire county know all of my business by now.

I’ve sat and listened to them talking about others, how they are as parents, as workers, as wives/husbands etc.  Sometimes I’ve agreed with what they’ve said, but other times I just ‘ooh & arr’ in the right places because I disagree with them but there’s not a cats chance in hell of me getting my point across because THEY are right and I am wrong!

I’ve had someone tell me how I should do things as a mother or as a wife and if I even tell them I do that already, my words are just brushed aside and they carry on as normal.

The thing is, these people are far from perfect themselves!  No one is perfect.  People do as they see fit!


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3 thoughts on “Two faced? Bored? Back Stabbing?

  1. No, I understand. I had to put distance between myself and friends because I realized that all they do is talk about their friends, dissecting all their problems and “fixing” their lives. Finally, I clued in — hey what are they saying about me? So, I try to keep away from those types now. Life is hard enough without people ripping you to shreds behind your back, especially after you confided in them!

  2. Sounds like my mother-in-law, she may in fact be the queen of it all.

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