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Birthday vs Strike

As I said, a friend of ours (S) came up to stay for a few days.  We had a really good time – like we normally do.

It was my sons birthday so we spent the day driving around trying to find something.  Of course it was Strike Day in the UK (30/11/2011) and we went to a train museum (Kirklees Light Railway) and it was closed, gutted!  Although my son was happy and despite what we did later on in the day, this was his best bit, to see some of the trains outside.  If it was open then we could have travelled on a steam train for 50 minutes and he would have LOVED that so so much.

We started to drive back home and we saw a sign for a coal mining museum so we headed out of our way towards that.  Got there and that was closed too!

I didn’t think so many places would be closed because of the strike (over pensions).  I support the strike completely!  My college tutor is part time and she’s looking at having £14,500 taken from her pension – it’s not fair.

After driving around for most of the day and finding most things closed, we went to a children’s play-gym and they had fun there.

We then went bowling and it was his first time – he loved it!  We should definitely do that again for him.

Then it was Dinner/Tea time (Depends on what part of the country you are lol.  We say Dinner, people up here say Tea).  We went to a Pub Restaurant, 2 for 1 deal and it was lovely although a bit slow.  Our 2 kids shared a MEGA Tower burger (16 oz burger) and they still couldn’t manage it when it was halved lol.

He then had a Super Mario DS Birthday cake.  He was shocked but he was so happy with it 🙂

Happy Birthday my little boy – can’t believe how big he’s getting 😥


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