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Pain in the butt

This is just a moan!

I’m in pain with everything – ok, an exaggeration but it feels like it lol.

First, my tooth!  It’s killing me!  I went to the dentist quite a few weeks back and told her about it and she couldn’t see anything.  She said perhaps I cut the gum while flossing or something, that is a good reason, but I’m still in pain.  I’ve noticed that it is up on the tooth but slightly under the gum, it’s also still a baby tooth and isn’t as firmly put as my adult teeth, so I’m wondering if it’s trying to come out.  It’s my pre-molar (trying to think back when I was doing science, I THINK it’s called a pre-molar lol – the one next to the ‘Fang’ lol).

I’ve also started getting pain near my ovary.  I know it’s my ovary because about 10 years ago I had the exact pain but on the right hand side and have a super large cyst removed.
Anyway, when I’m due on it hurts like fook!  It started up one month after I came off of the Implant in May time but it wasn’t as bad as it is at the moment.  I’ll be doing something and will have to stop as sheer pain stabs me.  I thought at the moment it was only if I moved every so often, but as I write this and I’m sat still it just happened again.

Anyway I’ve made and appointment for the doctor this morning for it.

I don’t want another operation but if I’m right then I will need one.  It also means time off work for my husband so that’s not good as he’s only been there a few months and never had a day off.

To top it all off, I’ve had the same damn headache for about 3 days now! Grrr not to pleased!


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4 thoughts on “Pain in the butt

  1. Randomnly nothing to do with this post, but I couldn’t find you on Twitter…you’ve won a Liebster Award! Check out your nomination over on my ickle blog x

  2. You poor lass… i think a couple of pain killlers and bed for you will really help… you sound like nothing is going right for you at the moment… hope all goes well for you at the doctors…

    • lol, thanks. Went to the doctors but didn’t get chance to talk about it, and as for my tooth it has to be removed as it’s my baby tooth and apparently my body/gums is eating away at the little root it has….lovely gubbily! lol

      Dentist again tomorrow and doctor tests results tomorrow too I think – for something entirely different lol

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