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Hello Kitty Win is here :)

received my prize of a Hello Kitty Tent, Chair and Sleeping Bag yesterday and it’s a proper tent!  I thought it was only a childs play tent I was entering in for!  It sleeps 3 people in there!

I was going to sell it or give it to someone else when I first saw it as I thought it was a 1 man/child tent and was thinking ‘no way am I having my daughter in that on her own’, but now I think we’ll keep it 😀  Buy another 2-3 man tent and hubby can stay in there with our son and I’ll be in with our daughter.

Don’t have a car at the moment, so it would be ideal to go on the train or coach to somewhere as these tents are so light and are in a small bag!

Better start looking for another one 🙂  Would be easier if I had a car though.


Another Win :)

Just received an email to inform me that I’ve won a Hello Kitty Competition.

My daughter LOVES Hello Kitty so she’s so happy about this.  It includes

  • Hello Kitty Tent
  • Hello Kitty Sleeping Bag
  • Hello Kitty fold away chair

Can take up to 40 days to receive but that’s fine.  Woo hoo 🙂

Best Chocolate ever is…

…the one that is free 🙂

Won a bar of dark chocolate, and it was so lovely.  Forgotten what it was called though lol.  Never heard of it before, but it was PROPER dark chocolate.  Something like 80% (Or was it 70% ?)

Won a Spa Voucher, Received Two!

I won a competition a few months ago for a Spa voucher, and it took ages to receive, but I finally did and for some reason I got TWO!
Now, most people would say ‘keep it’ including my husband, but I’m very strong with Karma.  Part of me wants to keep it of course, but instead I phone up the company to ask about it.

I was told by a lovely lady that if I received two, then I obviously won two of them and to keep them.  Well, I’m not arguing lol.

I’m keeping one for me and my husband but I don’t want both, and it was too much hassle to ask for a money alternative, so I’ve asked if I can exchange them for other vouchers instead (It’s a company who have vouchers for all different types of things like Spa’s, holidays, exciting hobbies etc).
I’m allowed to, and so I have decided to exchange it for 3 things which total up to the same amount as the original voucher.
I looked hard and found ideal presents for my parents anniversary, my sister’s birthday and one of my best friends birthday.  Feels a bit rude that I’ve used this win towards presents for others, but all 3 know how much we’re struggling at the moment and they’ll LOVE what I’ve got in store for them so I don’t think they’ll care lol.

Just waiting for them to come through now : )

It’s official, I’m in love with a vacuum cleaner!

So, a few weeks a go I found out that I had won a competition and my prize was the AEG Ultrasilencer Vacuum Cleaner worth £209.

AEG Ultra Silencer AUS 3966P

It’s a fantastic Hoover so far!  It’s so silent!  I mean, you can hear the suction when it’s on MAX, but when it’s on MIN suction, you can’t hear the hoover!  OK, a teeny bit, but you can happily watch your TV and you wouldn’t hear it.  In fact, I forgot to turn it off as I walked into another room and couldn’t hear it.

It’s a bagged cleaner though, and I’m used to the bagless ones, so I need to find out how much new ones cost.  It came with 2 so I’m ok at the moment.

The suction is so strong that I worried that my carpet was going to come off the stairs lol.  You can adjust the strength of it which is good.

I highly advise in getting one of these, but saying that, it’s only been 2 days lol.

Kids love it too lol.

Comping Babe :)

I LOVE entering competitions 🙂  I’ve only been doing them for about 2 months and I’ve won some lovely things 🙂

The latest one was 45g Kenco Coffee (My favourite coffee), Terry’s Chocolate Egg and 2 creme eggs.  That was for today.

Yesterday I received a Hamper of organic baking goods from Steenbergs, which added up to be worth £50!  This is what it includes –

  • 100 ml Organic Vanilla Extract
  • 100 ml Almond Extract
  • 100 ml Rose Water
  • 100 ml Organic Orange Flower Water
  • 100 ml Organic Peppermint Extract
  • Rose Sugar
  • Vanilla Sugar
  • Cinnamon Sugar
  • Lemon Sugar
  • Lavender Sugar
  • Organic Chocolate Drops
  • Dark Chocolate Strands
  • Rainbow Baking Strands
  • Pink & White marshmallows
  • Silver Balls
  • Lemon & Orange Jelly Slices

So as you can imagine, that has made me very happy indeed 🙂

I’ve also received an email last week that I have received a AEG Ultra Silencer OKO Vacuum Cleaner which is worth £200.

Here are my May/June Winnings

  • The Fairy Tale Wedding Book
  • Cbeebies Magazine
  • Wahanda Cleanser and Toner
  • £199 Spa Voucher
  • Now That’s What I Call Music 78

It’s surprising how addictive it is.  I haven’t done many comps since the beginning of June to be honest, so I really should start it up again.


Freegan vs Millionnaire

I have just finished watching an episode on 4demand of Wife Swap – The Gianstefanis and the Aytons.

It’s about a Millionnaire’s wife who swaps lives with a Freegan wife in Surrey.

I found it quite interesting.  I am ok with bin diving/raiding as long as the produce is sealed etc although we don’t personally do it.
I think there is a lot of waste and it would be ideal if supermarkets could give the waste to charities or hostels etc.

Anyway, the thing I don’t agree with is that the Freegan family don’t work, but instead ‘work’ by spreading the word of their religion.
They don’t claim benefits, yet they send their 12-year-old son to a public school, they go to dentists, doctors hospitals etc.  I find them no different to the x amount of people on the dole who will never intend to work.  (Please note I am only on about the people who have chosen not to work, not the people who have no choice or cannot find work).

I didn’t like the condition of the caravan they were living in either.  I’m ok with people living in caravans, that isn’t my issue, my issue was the coldness they were experiencing and also the leaks.

The millionnaire family had no idea about the amount people waste, or the amount THEY waste.
Thankfully this experience for them has helped them look more into it and they’ve reduced their wastage.
I felt sorry for the mum running around dropping her kids off here and there, surely her sons are old enough to make their own way or get a driving license?

Tesco’s – Every Little Helps Indeed :D

I LOVE bargains, I really do!  It puts such a smile on my face and makes me feel all good inside as if I’d won a great prize.

Last night I went out for a drink with a friend and afterwards I popped into Tesco’s to grab a few things.  I only have £10 on me, so I was on a tight budget.
As it was 9.30 pm I headed towards the reduced section in the fridge area where most of their good offers go, and I found some pork mince there but no reduced tag.  I picked it up anyway because it’s display date way the 28th so it was due to be reduced and its original price was £2.

I carried on shopping, bought a few things and then saw the reduced ticket man and asked him to put a tag on the mince………I got it for 20p!!
To add to that, he has a load of other things he was pricing up.  I got:

Butchers Cumberland Sausages (8 in a pack) for…11p!
Tuna & Sweetcorn sandwich filler for…19p
Curry take-away meal for 2 (was £7)…62p
Chocolate cake/pudding for 4…£1
Choc & Rasin bars…30p
Strawberry Cereal Bars…39p
Some posh nosh Cereal…£1.50 (normally £3)
Bacon Quiche…19p

Can’t remember what else I got but basically my bill came up to £8 and I must have saved myself about £20+.  And most of it can go in the freezer, or I got reduced because the packaging was torn (the dried things like the choc bars/cereal etc.)

So I walked out of there so happy and almost skipping home 😀  I’ve sorted out the main ingredient for 3 days worth or dinners (the mince, sausages & Quiche).

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