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Casino Virgin

Myself, Husband and our friend (S) decided to do something different on a night out.

Instead of going out drinking around town etc (In our mid 20’s and we’re feeling too old lol) we thought we’d go to a Casino!

WOW!  It was so much fun!  Never done it before and it was weird trying to get into it, not sure on how to get chips etc but we managed it in the end.

We all agreed that we would ONLY put in £20 each and all the winnings were to be put aside and split at the end of the night.

We did Blackjack (21) first and I had most of the luck on that one and it was great 🙂  ‘S’ had most of the luck on Roulette and my husband sadly wasn’t very good at this and gained a little but not much.  He was getting a bit too keen about it all to be honest and when he’d used up his £20 and me and ‘S’ still had £10 left, he wanted to put more in…..tut tut tut, I’d better keep an eye on him I think lol.

During the Roulette ‘S’ had a £5 chip in her hand and she kept saying I’m going to put it on Block/Set 3 which meant she would double what she had if she won.  She didn’t do it and it came through.  Then she said she was going to put it on a certain number, which means if she did then she would win back 8x that amount (£40), she didn’t and it came through, she was gutted!
My husband then started saying to her ’27’, 27 came through and they were both regretting not putting anymore one.  He said 27 again and no one put anything on, 27 came through again!  Never mind lol.

It’s amusing to watch other people putting money down though!  People were walking up and throwing £100 down on 1 number, loosing and then walking off to the next table to repeat – CRAZY!!

Would definitely do that again but not all the time, just special occasions

So, with a total of £60 spent, we made in total £112 so a win/profit of £52 🙂  Basically we had a free night out 🙂

The way they move their hands too!  To get the chips out and dish them across tables etc.  If it was me I’d be stood there counting each one slowly lol, they rush apart and do it by height of chips, they’re hardly counting each chip to make sure they’re not above or below the required amount!

And with Blackjack – I would be there for ages using my fingers to count every time a new card comes out.


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