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You have Crabs

My son and I were having a rather  detailed discussion the other day about heads and growing up.

Apparently my head is short, his is long (We were laying down in bed and he was higher up than me, so this meant his head was longer), but he informed me that it would be ok, because as I grew into a ‘baby’ my head would get longer.

He’s 5 years old.

I asked him about growing up and what he meant and he informed me that when me and daddy grow up, we will turn into babies, and he knows this because his grandparents told him when they were toddlers.

I wanted to know if I was in safe hands with him for when I became a child/baby and he said I would be safe and he would look after me.
He said ‘Of course I will look after you, you will be in my tummy’.
Duh, how silly of me to ask you ūüėČ lol
He added ‘You’ll be safe in my tummy because the crabs put you in there’
Excuse me?

My son comes out with the weirdest things lol.  I must remember to blog these down every time they happen!


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