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Festival of Light 2011

I haven’t been on for a while so you may start reading things on here that are not in date order lol.

But lets start with yesterday and todays Huddersfield Festival of Light 2011.

Absolutely fantastic!

We’ve lived in Huddersfield for years now and we’ve never been before – and I don’t know why!!
We loved it!
We went on Saturday late afternoon to go and see the performance from Groupah in St Georges Square.  There was a huge crane holding a white metal ball which was placed in the middle of the stage.
The musicians and the singer started up and I was a bit disappointed at first because I couldn’t hear what she was singing – only to later realise that she was ‘ahhhhhing’ along lol – she can definitely hit those high notes!
All of a sudden a loads of men and women who closely resembled astronauts (minus the helmet) slowly walked towards the ball.
They all attached themselves to this and they were pulled up into the air.
Of course the white outfits looked fantastic up against the black sky.  They started doing a load of movements and were twisting and turning etc.  It was lovely.
They returned to the stage and reassembled themselves and were taken back into the air – this happened a few times.
When they were up again they went upside-down and millions of tiny polystyrene balls started pouring out of their black rucksacks.
Later on while they were upside down, I screamed in fear……..not realising that the man who just fell towards the ground was attached to a bungee rope lol.  Oops.
There were a few fireworks after that which were nice too 🙂
All I kept thinking was ‘They must be freezing!’.  It was pouring with rain, they were wearing thin whites and had their bare hands on the metal bars of the ball!  They did this twice for show during the night and were practising a few times in-between too.
We went and got something to eat from somewhere other than the food market!  I wasn’t going to spend £5 on a small burger or a kebab especially as they don’t charge that amount when they’re in their own store – perhaps the extra money goes on renting the ‘pitch’ out?  There are 4 of us so £20 to feed us and I can do that on half that price lol…..Oh I sound like my father lol.
We saw a giant red lobster – I’ve no idea why it was there, but it was funny to see and the poor man was obviously tired yet he kept his spirits up and was knocking the lobster and the tail into the people on purpose 🙂  One lady went to grab the tail and he whacked her with it lol – luckily it was just a huge blow up thing.
The Church gardens were lovely!  Loads of huge flowers with lights on, made it very magical!  Lovely music there too.  Would have been nice to have had some people there dressed up as fairies or flowers or something though 🙂
We went again today (Sunday) so that we could see the firework display.
We saw the same characters as before – such as the lobster, snowmen, Victorians etc.
There was the Duke Box – where there were 5 men in this small box/trailer (perhaps a converted 1 man caravan lol) and they each had their own instrument.  The public could then press a few buttons to nominate a song they wanted and then they’d play it – it was fantastic!
We watched one show, the Escapologist and that was funny.
Went up the the Art Market up in the Library and there were lovely bits and pieces you could buy but I didn’t buy anything.
Went to St Georges Square and saw the brass band playing some Christmas Carols.  The Counsellor then came on to say thank you etc and asked everyone to sing along to ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ and bless him, he started singing far too early and all on his own lol.  He got there in the end though 🙂
Fireworks were FANTASTIC!  Loved them!
Went to back towards Market Place and there were some Musicians dressed as butchers and they played a load of songs, and I think out of everything, they were my favourite!  Well, close favourite with Groupah.
Can’t believe I’ve never done this before.  Can’t wait until The Festival of Lights 2012!!!!

Whats you’re Favourite?

I, like most, have a youtube account, and I have a few subscriptions on there, and there is one which I LOVE.

I am talking about JustinRobinett  (All links open up on a separate tab/page)

He’s a singer, he mainly sings covers, but they’re all with a twist, and so far I love all of them.  Justin Robinett sings with different people, but on this youtube account he sings with Michael Henry.

Please have a listen and see what you think 🙂  Also, they have people in the room with them, so keep your eye on them too because they’re funny 🙂
Plus Justin tends to pull a few weird faces when singing lol, but I get mesmerised.

My favourites are:

Airplanes / Brick by Boring Brick  (Justin Robinett is the one in Blue)

In My Head

Rolling in Deep / Someone Like You / Turning Tables

So, who is your favourite subscription on youtube, or what is your favourite video?

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